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Multi- media resources 2


This is a documentary about the ‘skinny’ on obesity from Top Documentary File. This tells us the problem of obesity in the world. Fat people all around us. Is it a problem? Sometimes I will hear about ‘ I am not the fattest in the world.’ Is that the reason that you don’t have to lose now? I don’t think so. If you think like that, ‘ you will be the latest one to lose in the world’ I want to say.


Multi- media resources 1


This is song singing about obesity from YouTube by Ellen Posicky. This is a good sing to encourage people to do some sports and aware or own health problems. Moreover, it also tells us so much obesity in the world now, we should do something about it and help to prevent it.



This is a fitness poster from Fitness Centre. Obesity issue covers all around world. Many fitness centre keep asking people to lose to prevent gain fat. On the other hand, they just want to earn income, It is right for us to lose, we can choose to lose or not, even though it can lead to obesity and it is a serious health problem. I think some fitness centre are too crazy about asking people to join their plan to lose. Sometimes it will be so disturbing.


Book 2


This is an other book about Fast Food in the world. I found it from Google Book.I found it from Google Book. We all know fast food is not good for our body, but we still continue to eat it. American create this to earn more income. Now they should afford the effect of it. America have the most rate of obesity in the world, this book gives them an alarm, also us. Absorb less fast food can help us to against fat and also obesity. Why don’t start to lose for now?



This is a book about child obesity that I found on Food Politics website. It can help children to prevent obesity and understand the trend of children obesity. I think it is a serious problem to children. They should enjoy the sun with full energy, but they all focus on electronic product and lack of exercises. They should know their situation now or before they die because of obesity.



The is a blog from Healthline. it helps people to against obesity and teach the obesity people to lose for health. It helps people to against obesity and teaches the obesity people to lose for health. This blog have three main pages, diet & weight loss, topics & tools and Subscribe. In diet & weight loss, there are different types of menu that help people to lose by daily meals. In topics & tools, there are many different types of disease that cause by obesity, people can know more about the effects of obesity. I think it is good for mothers, mother can cook according to the menu and prevent gain fat in their children. That helps to decease obesity in the world.