I have been Mass Communication Course for a semester. In this course, I got some reflections.

The first day I stepped on the classroom, I felt lose because I don’t know what the course teaching about. At the first lecture, I felt that Mr. Kevin is a very nice teacher, he always wanted to understand more about us. We came from different countries. He also wanted us to know more about others in the classroom. We always have some discussions and we can share our own opinions to the topic. Although most o the time is silence…

I used to be a omputer idiot, but the time passes, I understood more about media,  learnt how to use it and learnt how to do a research faster, etc.

Moreover, I have a good teacher/teachers, at the last two weeks of the course, Mr. Kevin brought his daughter, Victoria, to teach us how to use wordpress for our assignments. Of course I know how to use it very well. When I was doing my assignments at the last two weeks, I understand more about obesity and fitness because my topic is about obesity in the world.

Also, I think this is an interesting course. We can discuss in the class and share our own opinions. I feel like I am in a group in the class. It is different from others classes that work individually. They all are willing to help me especially Natalia. She is so nice. Every time I asked her questions, She will find out all the possible way to help with me.

Last but not lease, It is the only course that having lecture under air conditioner .It is my lifesaver at school. I hope I can have a course that has air conditioner, also with wonderful teachers.